Best went west // motel tag

$9.00 USD

Hippie's Daughter motel key tags are a nostalgic piece of home and a staple HD offering. They make the perfect gift for your ride or die, your fave coworker, your family members, your kid's teacher, and don't forget yourself because you absolutely derisive it! 

Original Hippie's Daughter design created by Elizabeth in West Virginia. These motel tags are plastic with silver metal hardware and are printed, NOT made with stickers.

The tag is 3.5" x 1.75", not including the metal hardware.

dark blue key tag with yellow gold print on both sides and silver key ring

Macrame keychain and wristlet pictured are not included in this listing.

*If you are having issues with the little metal triangle, simply remove it and place the O ring onto the plastic motel tag.